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Made With
MoroccAn ArgAn

Paraben Free     Cruelty Free     Phthalate Free

RCK Soap - paraben and cruelty free soap

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Argan Oil Contains:
* Rich Source of Vitamin E
* Antioxidants

* Omega-6 

Argan seeds, for the production of oil. Very nutritious for skin and hair

Creamy whip soaps with a luxurious foam lather

in a variety of scents.  Whether you're looking for something reminiscent of a stormy night, a walk in the forest, or one that reminds you of your favorite cologne.  We work hard at creating quality products for you.

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Having a manufacturing background, RcK Soap began creating our line of products in Austin, TX in 2021.  The first blend for men, was crafted. 


Annoying buddies to try our latest designs, became the norm.  The more we fine-tuned recipes and ingredients, the more we produced. 


Within the refining process, a few products never made it to the site because they weren't up to our standards. If we wouldn't buy it, we won't sell it. You can call us soap "snobs".  We're good with that.


We only design soap that we would use ourselves or want to smell on others around us. 


Our mission is to keep formulating products that men love.  Along the way, it became evident women love them too.  

Stay clean, not crusty ✌️

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